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There is a reoccurring danger for residents of Alabama as tornadoes have been known to happen almost anytime year round there. Numerous locals are being advised to consider including a storm security plan at home in the form of a in-ground tornado shelter or storm cellar. Though some community shelters are being developed in some areas there is no guarantee even a short trip will be possible under extreme weather conditions.

Because of Alabama’s long record of tornadoes these storms have always been known to happen there yet in the past few years the danger has become more prevelent. As disaster struck on April 27, 2011, fatal tornadoes ripped through the state in the middle of the night leaving a path of death and destruction miles long. After this tragedy people li8ving there became acutely aware of the unpredictability of these storms.

Tornado data from 2010 to 2013 is as follows:  (Statistics courtesy of the NOAA)

Alabama Tornado Statistics

1947 to 2012 (Statistics Courtesy of the NOAA)

  2010 2011 2012 2013
Total Number of Tornadoes 37 145 55 23
Estimated Number of Injuries 53 3,369 80 13
Number of Deaths 0 265 3 0
Path Length of All Tornadoes
225.3 miles
1734.4 miles
383.7 miles
186.6 miles
Average Path Length
6.1 miles
11.96 miles
7.0 miles
8.3 miles
Average Width
214 yards
387 yards
264.4 yards
327.0 yards
Longest Path Length Individual Tornado 
39.86 miles
132 miles
39.8 miles
68.4 miles
Largest Width Individual Tornado 
1320 yards
1.5 miles
900 yards
.75 miles
Number of EF0 Tornadoes 13 36 20 4
Number of EF1 Tornadoes 17 54 21 16
Number of EF2 Tornadoes 3 31 12 3
Number of EF3 Tornadoes 3 12 2 0
Number of EF4 Tornadoes 1 9 0 0
Number of EF5 Tornadoes 0 3 0 0


Adding an underground tornado saferoom to your home makes sure family members always have a safe place to be during a weather emergency. These shelters often save lives because they can be accessed quickly. Now Alabama citizens have accessibility to a tougher, easier, trusted and tested shelter, the Granger ISS. Families around the USA have chosen the Granger ISS for their weather protection plan. Take a look at the data of Alabama and it's recent devastation over the past few years still fresh in the minds of its citizens. It is easy to see why people in this state are adding a storm cellar to their residence.

Alabama Tornado Survivor: Granger ISS Shelter Choice "No Brainer"

One Alabama Tornado survivor says that her choice of a Granger ISS Tornado shelter was a "no brainer". Read the story below to learn about one tornado survivors experience and their underground shelter choice.

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Alabama Tornado Videos

In the video below, YouTube user Jason Rosolowski takes incredible footage of the April 27, 2011 Tornado that hits Tuscaloosa, Alabama! Watch the incredible video below!

Tuscaloosa, Alabama Tornado Video- April 27, 2011

Lake Martin Tornado Damage

In the video below, John Coley of Lake Martin Voice Realty shows video of some of the aftermath of the April 27, 2011 Tornado.

Lake Martin Alabama Tornado Damage- April 27, 2011

Birmingham, Alabama Tornado

Watch in the video below as bunnyblues of YouTube takes video footage of an extremely LARGE Tornado bearing down on Birmingham, Alabama.

Birmingham, Alabama Tornado- April 27, 2011

Tuscaloosa, Alabama Tornado Video- April 27, 2011

Watch the amazing video footage below from John Brown at SevereStudios.com to see footage from the infamous April 27, 2011 that damaged a number of Alabama communities, including this footage of destruction to Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama Tornado April 27, 2011

Why choose the Granger ISS Storm Shelter?

Granger's in-ground tornado shelter has exceptional quality and durability with features available in this shelter alone. Design, size, manufacturing process and materials all play into this exceptional shelter.

The Granger ISS comes with a five panel FEMA 320 and FEMA 361 surpassing door. The 5 layers consist of an exterior double panel, an interior double panel and an additional sheet of plastic secured between. The outside panel is offered in a variety of colors while the inside of the door is always white for maximum light reflection. The ISS door additionally has a gas shock system for easier entry and exit compared to many heavier or more cumbersome doors. There are 3 interior locks for utmost security and handrails for a safer entry.

Weighing just 1300 pounds, the Granger ISS is simple to move and install. Moving the unit is not difficult as it was created with 4 stainless steel lifting lanyards making it easy to raise and strap. This likewise enables simpler installations in smaller sized areas utilizing much less equipment compared to other shelters installation requirements.

The rotationally molded polyethylenel body of this in-ground shelter has dual wall construction giving the most durable shelter design readily offered. The 1/2" outside and 1/2" interior wall surfaces are filled with VOC free dimensionally safe foam. This assures extraordinary rigidity, unparallel performance and uncomplicated installation in virtually any kind of type of circumstance.

The foaming also increases condensation resistance which can be an issue in other materials. Some shelters have a great amount of condensation which eventually damages the material causing mold, mildew and deterioration. Though polyethylene does not lend itself to condensation issues nor is it deteriorated at all by water, the foam filling makes condensation much less likely to ever happen.

This also permits the Granger ISS to be installed in numerous locations that other shelters may be limited by. Such issues as high water tables, complicated soil issues or tight spaces are no trouble for the ISS.

Other features of the ISS are a large seating area all around the unit, a LED touch light, a ventilation system with 2 sources of air flow, easy 3 step entry, custom color doors and the simplest fastest installation available. Every Granger ISS has an unmatched lifespan of storm protection for generations.

See why the Granger ISS is the United States leading tornado shelter choice!